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What is a Boathouse? Defined as a structure near the shoreline or built on top of water. Originated from Scandinavia, the term is know as a “naust” dated back to 1882. Gentle lulling of the sea, once again you beckon me. Caressing waves upon the shore, transporting me to years of yore. Our old weathered […]

DIY Boathouse

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As we wait patiently for our permit approvals with Phase One and Phase Two, Kevin and I decided to tackle some smaller projects around the yard. We have beautiful views of the sea and marsh, so it’s important for us to design outdoor entertaining areas to take in these views.  We also have an endless […]

DIY Fire Pit

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In my introduction, I mention I rarely took and shared photos of past projects. This all changed as I entered the blogging world. It’s been an interesting and exhilarating experience, a feeling of the unknown. The feeling of risk taking, adventure, a journey definitely worth sharing! Speaking of sharing, I decided to share a tidbit […]

DIY Billiard Room